I’ve had some difficult issues arising lately, things which I’m certain many of you will have experienced but for me, these feelings are new. My intention in writing this blog isn’t to look for sympathy or to dwell on the negatives but rather to reflect on them and give my own opinions on how I plan to progress; this will hopefully help others in the same position. As always, if you feel like you have anything to add or you have advice for me then please leave a comment, I’d be glad to hear it. 

As I say, I don’t want to dwell on this particular problem too much but I recently pretty much lost regular contact with someone who means a great deal to me and it’s horrible; not very nice at all. 

Adding to that, I’ve just finished University which brings up a whole gamut of emotions. On the one hand, it’s a big pat on the back because I’ve got a good grade and I’ve finished. On the other, it’s like ‘what happens now?’ I know the path I want to take, but not how to get there. Am I even good enough? It’s all up in the air. This is really the reason behind the title of the blog. What do you do when things are uncertain? Well, as you now know, the uncertainty I now face is greater than anything I’ve ever felt before.  So, the advice I’m going to give is my plan for myself, too. This is what I’m gonna do:

Give It My All

Pretty obvious, right? Hear me out. Whatever the outcome, you have to know that you’ve tried your very best. For me, this is more about self-respect that anything else. Imagine these 2 possibilities at the end of a hypothetical day:

Option a) Made a real effort to apply for jobs, gather information etc.

Option b) Day off.

Please don’t get me wrong, I know everyone needs to take a break but how do you feel, putting yourself in each of those scenarios? Perhaps not everyone will agree with me here but for me, option a is the clear winner. From a psychological perspective, in my opinion you’ll always feel better having put effort into something, even if it doesn’t work out.

Talk, Talk, and Keep Talking

This relates to my earlier problem. The support of the people around you is crucial, and will not only provide valuable support and advice regarding whatever problem you may have, but also keep you motivated. I’ve spoken to several of my friends who as it turns out, have experienced similar problems. It really helps to hear that because not only can you see how they dealt with this issue but it also gives you that sense of empathy. I have been unsure of doing it in the past, but every time I bear my soul to a friend I feel better for it. Advice isn’t just useful with regards to a personal problem however; also ask them for practical tips on job hunting and stuff (job hunting would relate to what I have to do).

Stay Busy, Stay Motivated

Having studied meditation last year I know that it is crucial to remain active, regardless of your mood. It doesn’t matter what you do, but don’t just sit and fester, because that won’t help anyone. It makes me feel lethargic and even though you’re not doing anything, it takes your energy away. I actually have an example from a couple of days ago. Just to give this some context, I love to learn. I’m fascinated by things that I don’t know, particularly the study of the Universe. I was feeling a bit lethargic myself, just staring blankly into my computer screen when an article came up about Jupiter. I thought to myself ‘hey, that’d be an interesting thing to research’ so I looked into the perpetuating storm on it’s surface. (So cool!) This helped not only to motivate me but it also got me in a positive frame of mind. 

Another example comes with exercise. Lately when I’ve been waking up, I just feel like I don’t want to get out of bed; lazy really. I definitely don’t feel like doing my morning run, but I force myself. That probably sounds bad, but I only have to force myself out of bed and then the motivation comes to me. Exercise is a real winner because it feels like I’ve already achieved something, right from the off. I won’t go too deeply into it, but in simple terms exercise helps the release of endorphins, which basically helps you to feel positive.

Remain Positive

No matter what happens to you, remember –  the world is not against you, and you’re not unlucky; you make your own luck. Keep with an attitude like this, an unbiased attitude and you’ll find it much easier to deal with the situation. I hate it when people say ‘it’s always me’, or words to that effect. The fact is bad things do happen to people, but it’s up to you what happens next; how you react to them. Believe in yourself and in your ability, and keep trying – you’ll get there.

“Why do we fall?”

“So that we can learn to pick ourselves up.” (#)


‘Til next time guys.