Something pretty cool happened to me today. You know those moments when you’re kind of overcome, but everything feels right just there? Yeah, one of those 🙂 As with most things, this story needs some background so here goes.

 I’m not certain if I’ve written it before but I love the American Pie films, (the first two mainly). Yeah you can talk about the humorous and sexual aspects of the films but for me, the friendship comes through. I won’t spend time explaining the whole plot but it’s basically these four friends together, trying to get girls and just going through life. A lot of the people I’ve spoken to don’t really get it but for me, those films are just genius because I really felt that connection between the characters. 

I first met my friend around 7 years ago, when we started 6th form. As we got to know each other, I recommended these movies to him as he’d never seen them before (I know, right?) Needless to say, he loved them! And better yet, he understood the reason that I loved them, too. At the end of the first film, they toast to ‘The Next Step’, a particularly poignant and important moment for me because it’s like ‘we’ve all come through this time together, now let’s face the future too.’ Towards the end of the second film, they have a similar moment at a beach party where everything has worked out well and they raise a glass together. 

To put slightly more back story onto this, I’ve recently accepted a job offer in the area where I studied for University and so I’m relocating permanently over there. I guess for me, that is the ‘next step’. So, I’ve come home for a short holiday before it all begins and me a friend of mine are sitting down for coffee today; it was my birthday around a month and a half ago and he’s giving me my present now that I’m home. He tells me to open the card in front of him, read the note and look up to him upon reading the last line. Here’s the note, in all it’s sentimental glory:



“To set the scene, we’re all at a beach house, awesome tunes, beautiful ladies & great friends are around.

Much like that film I know you adore, I can’t do it physically but I can do it metaphorically.

You look over, & Sean, I raise my cup to you.

For all you’ve done.

For all you can go on to do.

You should be proud of who you are.

Because I am proud of you, I lift this to friendship, to your next step, & to you Sean Craemer!


Amazing, right? I wanted to write this blog in dedication to my friend who did this wonderful thing for me, but also to spread a little positive thinking out there. I read a lot of negative things on social media these days and I realise that life can be difficult but I can’t help but wonder if these people truly appreciate what they have, you know? Right now, thanks to my friend I feel like I’m invincible – that’s what these moments do for me. 

I hope that if you’re reading this, then you’re able to recall similar moments of your own and sit back and smile for a little while.

And hey, here’s to your ‘Next Step’! 🙂