‘So go on, show the world who you are. Make connections, friendships, relationships. But most of all, make it count.’

I love the rain. The way it sounds when you’re inside in the warm, the drops thudding against your windows. The way it reflects light, shimmering on the pavement. Most of all though, I love to be caught in it. Have you ever been running when it was overcast and then felt that first drop on your head, steadily increasing in frequency? That’s happened to me a few times, and if I could I’d always choose to run in the rain. Why? Because you get to feel something. Seriously, I don’t know what it is but it just makes me feel alive when I’m out there, in that moment.

I just described the rain in a positive light, but are plenty of people who don’t like the rain. They may enjoy other weather conditions more than I do, and that’s great! The point is that your muse is somewhere, you just have to discover it.

Those of you who have subscribed to this blog will know that I don’t post often, only when I feel that I have something important to say, and here’s another of those times. I’ve labelled this one ‘Vigour’ because I really wanted to express my own sense of vigour for life in the hope that it helps others to do the same.

Vigour for life doesn’t have to mean performing death-defying stunts, or quitting your job. For me, it just means to have a passion for something, and to appreciate the everyday. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t always easy to do but I feel that it’s necessary, and quite easy if you put your mind to it. Take yesterday for example. I go to work pretty early, around 6.10am. When I’m walking at that time, there aren’t many people out and it’s pretty dark. But, every time I step out there I look out towards the sky and try to catch something of a planetary nature going on. Yesterday I was really lucky, because I was able to spot Venus and Jupiter in the sky. Amazing right?! The countless mysteries and possibilities in an ocean of space and I was able to view a small part of it, if only briefly. Finding your passion, your ideals and what makes you gaze out in awe and wonder, that’s gonna stop any of those morning blues.

One theme which you may have noticed if you’d read any of my other blogs is my complete fascination with friendship. I believe that there are almost 8 billion people on this planet, and each one of them has a unique story. If you think of it like a book, as I do, then letting someone into your story attaches some of their pages to your own. Billions of other people who you have the opportunity to form bonds with every single day, or getting a little closer to the ones you already know. It’s amazing, isn’t it? I just love the idea that tomorrow, I could meet my future best friend. I think every day can be amazing, I mean sometimes it doesn’t work out but the potential is always there, like a sun ready to burst over the horizon into life. I’ve actually been lucky enough in that a similar situation occurred for me a few months back:

I was at work and noticed a girl struggling with putting a parcel box together, so I helped her out. I saw that the parcel was addressed in Mandarin (which I had studied) so I asked if it was easy to send a parcel abroad because I’d love to do the same for my Chinese friend. She said that if I needed help, then just to let her know. At this point, I just thought she was being kind but anyway, we kept talking and I spoke to her a little in Mandarin. She posited the idea that if I helped her with English, she’d do the same for me with Mandarin. I got a message from her recently; she’s back in Taiwan and I’ve asked for her to send me photos from her country, and then I’ll do the same. Isn’t that amazing?! Just the idea that I have connected with somebody thousands of miles away, purely out of chance. Even if it’s only small, I’m sharing a part of my story over the world, and I get the chance to hear somebody else’s, too.

I could list several examples of moments that I enjoy, and talk to you all day long about how happy I am that I finally picked up a Toy Story mug from the Disney store (those are unbelievably hard to find!); but more than anything, I want to really encourage everyone to take this chance that we’ve been given. In some ways, you can put aside your feelings on why we exist and instead be thankful that we just do.  Life throws a tonne of junk at us but it’s all a part of the ride, and if you’re able to see the light through it all and you can truly appreciate what you have, then you can flourish and do what you meant for.

What you were meant for. That’s an interesting phrase, like it’s meant to happen or something. But, that’s not exactly what I intended. You’re not meant for any one certain thing but if you fulfil your potential then you are meant for greatness. Why? Because everybody has something unique to offer the world. That’s right. You and me? We each have something that nobody else does. That special something is gonna mean a whole lot to a whole lot of people.

So go on, show the world who you are. Make connections, friendships, relationships. But most of all, make it count.